Examples of the types of things I am looking would be…

*Started drinking more water
*Changed my diet (started eating foods high in antioxidants)
*Started using XYZ product
*Started getting weekly facials
*Started taking XYZ supplement

Just curious as to whether any of you have ever tried anything that really made you go "WOW, my skin truly looks younger/better!"

1. Started drinking more water and unsweetened green tea.
2. Started taking a multivitamin every day.
3. Bought a pair of bath gloves JUST for my face and use them to exfoliate every day.
4. Stopped wearing makeup everyday (just on special occasions now).
5. Started going to an aesthetician once a month for facials with extractions.
6. Started taking more Omega 3 fatty acids.

I’m almost 40 and my skin looks great. Better than it did at 20!